Founder's Day 2012 Message

From Cathy Choachuy

I am writing this 10,000 feet up in the air and looking at the clouds. It's so beautiful that I can't even begin to describe it. This was how I felt when I was reading the emails and messages everyone sent when I asked, "How would you describe MCKS in a few words?"

Some were simple and direct to the point while others were a stream of emotions. To describe him is to remember how he has affected us. It is reliving those moments. Whether you have met him or not, the descriptions sounded as if only one person spoke. You couldn't distinguish a new student from an older one or whether this person is an instructor or not. With his teachings, we all feel his presence.

It is amazing that even though he is not physically present, his words still touch all of us and through his teachings, we are all connected. Energy has no language or race. We live in different countries and speak different languages but are all connected through energy and through MCKS's teachings. He has brought us all together into this family that shares his mission - to spread pranic healing and alleviate the suffering on this earth.

We all shared him as a father, a teacher, a friend and most of all as a guiding light. One of the things that struck me is when he was described as a beacon, "Un faro". It was said many times in different languages. For me this is more than being a light, it is the light that guides our way through the dark or the unknown. He shared his wisdom, time and love to all of us. He showed us a path that we may or may not choose to follow but he lit that path for us than just leaving us in the dark.

Now, it's our turn to light more paths and roads for others and for ourselves. Be living examples of what his teachings are - share our time and love; serve one another. Make an impact on others as he had made an impact on your life. Today, go and tell a family member, a friend or even the person who serves your coffee how they have touched your life. Say, "Thank You!" to the person who greeted you "Good Morning!" when you were having a bad start to your day. Appreciate the smiles that you get to receive while you're walking on the road. Share your smile to others, maybe it can help lift up their day.

As you have given me words to describe him, try to be or act out those words. Be a teacher to others as he has been one to you. Spread the teachings. Be a friend, share your time and show compassion to others. Show generosity to those in need. In the twin hearts meditation, he says, "Say words of love and sweetness to your heart". To open one's heart, one must appreciate first. Go out and say it.

If you weren't able to share the words that you've sent me to my father, sit down and speak to him. Thank him. Meditate. Don't miss the opportunity of telling him how you feel. He will always be there guiding us and I'm sure he can hear us. Don't forget to tell yourself how special you are. Give yourself a pat on the back. We are all special and make sure that you all know that and others know it too. Words are free. Again, say it and if you can't say it, show it.

Serve and be a light to others. I believe that's a great way to appreciate and remember MCKS during this special day. Meditate or read his books. Be reminded of what he was trying to teach us and share it with the world.

Thank you so much again for all the kind words and wonderful messages! I would like to end this letter with a quote from the movie "A Thousand Words".

"Our words have a profound rippling effect on the entire universe."