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Michelenne Crab

For twenty-five years Michelenne Crab has studied and practiced healing in the San Diego area. She has been practicing Pranic Healing since 2004 and became an Associate Certified Pranic Healer in 2005. Michelenne has studied Reiki I and II, metaphysics, numerology and tarot. From the Karios Institute she received her Interpersonal Ministerial Certificate in 1986 and later received her Transpersonal Counseling Certificate in 1988. Michelenne was trained in the Marcel Vogel Crystal Healing Method in 2002. She specializes in Pranic Crystal Healing to relieve pain, stress, and rebalance the energetic field around the body. In her private practice Michelenne has helped people with emphysema, thyroid problems, back pain and eczema. Michelenne believes Pranic Healing to be a unique approach that speeds up the recovery time and facilitates self-healing in the individual.
Phone: 858-231-1110
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